Danielle & Tony – Part II Engagement Shoot

I told you there would be more of these cutie pies! Danielle & Tony swap the threads and we head off again into the late afternoon for more engagement photography in the Pine Hills, MA. Oh and their adorable pup Coco came along as well 🙂 The warm evening light around 6:30pm and full shade coverage makes for an excellent natural lighting setting.DSC03700 - Version 2




DSC03576 - Version 4





DSC03770Mark your calendars for August 31st, when this adorable duo will finally say “I Do!”


Danielle & Tony – Engagement Shoot Part I

I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a glorious Sunday afternoon than with two people madly in love with each other. This past Sunday I had the pleasure to meet Danielle & Tony and capture their electric love with my camera(s) in tow. They’ll be saying their I Do’s in just a little over two months. This collection of my personal favorites from our balmy June afternoon together serves as Part I of their engagement shoot. Yes, there will be a part two, and stay tuned for the scene/ outfit change 🙂

Danielle & Tony

We ventured on down the winding dirt road of the Pine Hills (MA) and came across one of those iconic open fields. Needless to say, we stopped here to begin the shoot.

She Said Yes, of Course!

That’s right, ladies. He. put. a. ring. on. it. And it’s quite gorgeous too!  A combination of Danielle’s mother’s diamond and their own intricate design.


And amazingly, we didn’t attract a single tick in this field! I am still shocked (and doing tick checks!).


Sneaking in a few kisses here and there is always allowed in my book.


Beautiful Bride to Be

The Beautiful Bride to Be.

Road Together


He put a ring on it


 The big day is just right around the corner on the 31st of August. In the meantime, you’ll find this adorable pair decorating their new dream home, playing with their adorable pup Coco (photos to come, I promise!), and taking long strolls into the sunset.

Stay tuned my lovelies for a change in scenery and outfits!

~ em

Can we start blooming yet?

If you live north of Atlanta and east of the Mississippi, then you know this winter was rough. It was so rough that I am inventing a walking sleeping bag that generates heat using a combination of solar and infrared radiation that covers you head-to-toe, allows for mobility (and easy off for those who drink too much coffee in the morning), doesn’t make you look like a tire company mascot, and keeps your fingertips and toes from turning blue… just kidding, I’m not that tech-savvy. But someone should get on that. Pronto. Especially for us worker-bee’s who have the pleasure of working outside in white-out conditions for hours on end!

End rant.

I am however growing a bit weary of New Yorkers complaining about the weather. It’s the first day of SPRING tomorrow for Pete’s Sake! And if it’s not a bright, sunny 60 degrees, I know many of you will have something to say about it. Let’s all just take a step back, and savor the sweet fact that tomorrow will be a little warmer (maybe), the sun will shine just a pinch longer, and maybe – just maybe that last bit of dirty, yellowish-brown snow in the shady corner of the street will melt. After all, 99% of the 3-foot deep slush/ garbage juice lagoons at the corner of each crosswalk have disappeared! If that doesn’t make you delighted, I don’t know what will. 

So that said, let me introduce you to something you haven’t seen in a while.. Blossoms!


Captured in the Wellesley College Greenhouse a couple weeks ago. Enjoy, put a smile on your face, and embrace spring when it gets here in T-minus 3 hours!


xx emily


ps – and here’s a sneak peek of an engagement shoot at the same greenhouses – more to come!!! I’m SO excited about these two (hint: I’ve known one of them since 4th grade!)