Spotted on Greenpoint Avenue this afternoon on my ridiculously long drive home from work today. This sighting could not have crossed my path at a better time… After conquering Manhattan grid-lock and the BQE parking lot (not really a parking lot for all you non-5-boro-er’s, but so after 6:15am and before 10:13pm) I once again found myself in queue behind school buses, dump trucks, and impatient 18-wheelers, all trying to make the impossible left-hand turn onto Franklin Street. I had just about HAD it with NPR’s repeating stories from 6am this morning, and had quasi-aggressively smashed the power button OFF on my poor Mazda’s dash, when I looked to my left and… viola!! some much-needed humor to begin my evening with!

It’s funny that I’ve passed by this live poultry S-laughter house dozens of times on my commute to a field site in LIC, but I hadn’t noticed the sign’s latest revisions. BK HumorLesson of the day: We can ALL use a good chuckle/giggle/laugh once in a while. The more the better.

Keep laughing, Brooklyn!


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