Day Job…

Photographer/ Entrepreneur by night/ weekend (and every second in-between!)…. Environmental Engineer by day. The cat’s out of the bag. Yes, this is what I do to support my expensive hobbies – aka primarily photography (ok, that’s way more than just a hobby) AND living in Brooklyn which implies brunching, boutique-ing, eating, breathing, yogi-ing, etc. (you get the picture).


Note the Duct Tape to keep tics from crawling up my legs!

My interest in nature and rocks led me to study geology and environmental science, which has thus led to my latest endeavor in the world of environmental consulting. What better place to take a stab at cleaning up the planet? Why, that would be New York City my dears!


Ergonomics? I think not.

Here’s a look at some of the day-to-day field work from this spring: Off-Road groundwater sampling in the woods of Newark (who knew there were trees there?!), Groundwater/ soil sampling in good ol’ Mid-Town West, and the lovely air monitoring site down by the bay (where the watermelons grow) in Brooklyn.


No watermelons here…

Who said the ladies don’t like getting a bit of dirt under their nails?? Well these days I don’t get my nails done; I get car washes. That’s girl power.


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