Gratitude is…

This past weekend was spent amongst the trees, rolling hills, and endless sunsets of the Berkshires. Hidden away from the rest of the world, this sacred place really brought me back to my roots as a country-loving lady. It was a weekend of pure, unaffected joy and healing. One that I am sure to never forget.


Swing, Sit, Be.

While relaxing on the shaded porch in a wicker chair of an 1800’s farmhouse, watching the hummingbirds buzz and zip by, I was confronted with a “21-day challenge” to list three individual things each day that I am grateful for.

This really got me thinking – there’s SO much in this experience to be grateful for! How on earth could this be a challenge?

So here goes: over the course of the next twenty-one beautiful days, I will share with you (in no particular order) three things I am grateful for. I have no pre-determined list or idea where this will take me, but I know it’s something I need to do.

I’m calling it my “21-day gratitude spree”.

What are you grateful for?


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