Day Three: Music, Hands-Free, Kindness

Have you ever listened to a song that has brought you to your knees? To uncontrollable tears? That makes the hair on your arms and the back of your neck stick up? There’s this meta-human sensation that we can experience – you just have to find the right song.

Can’t find one of these sacred melodies? Here’s a few of my favorites:

1. Canzone Africana IV, Ludovico Einaudi

2. Comptine D’un Autre Ete, Yann Tiersen

3. Wild Swans Suite, Daniel Hope

4. Go Do, Jonsi

These are a mere few songs that somehow enable me to just breathe, and be present in the moment, all the while getting lost in the story each one tells. Music is the true essence of life. Whether it be an expression of joy, sorrow, freedom, love, angst, anger, or compassion, music is the purest gift we can give to the earth, others, and ourselves. Music inspires the soul, mends the heart, strengthens the ties that bind. Music is bliss.

Find your song.

I am grateful for music.


On another note, this past evening was spent traveling to Western PA, a mere five-and-a-half-hour journey. Once escaping the grasp of city traffic (don’t ask me why I chose to leave at 4pm from Brooklyn!), I was able to enjoy the time and space to myself for deep thought and reflection. However, it wasn’t long before I became bored with the radio, too impatient to figure out the whole connect-the-smart-phone-to-auxillary-cable thing while cruising to my destination, before I needed to talk to a real human being.

In comes the bluetooth – what a seamless way to multi-task. The majority of my long drive ended up being shared with family and friends who kept me company along the way. Thanks guys for picking up!!

I am grateful for Hands-Free.


Random Acts of Kindness go a long way in today’s world. While writing this post, I was reminded of a recent experience on the NYC Subway (the 5 train to be exact). Following a 10-hour day of fairly tiring day of running around, it was time to make my way home from waaaay up in the Bronx, and back down to Brooklyn. For those of you who aren’t familiar with NYC, that’s a looong ride on the 5 Train!

I get in. No seats at rush hour – my feet are SCREAMING in my awful work boots.

One stop later, the small handicap seat becomes vacant. I swiftly snatch it up and am instantly relieved to have a seat for the next 50 minutes!

Next stop, an older woman enters the train – as a proper New Yorker (ahem to those who do not follow this GOLDEN rule) I immediately (ok, slightly reluctantly) offer my seat to her. A wave of shock, surprise, and gratitude poured over this woman’s face as she took me up on the offer, and added, “We’re both small, let’s share!”

I obliged.

We sat in silence for the next 48 minutes. I only realized that she was still next to me when I got up to leave; she stopped me, looked into my eyes and again expressed sheer gratitude for sharing my seat with her. It goes to show that it’s easier to journey together and share, rather than stand alone.

Offering your seat is really no big deal, but these small offerings, these random acts of kindness go a long way. They have the ability to multiply exponentially if we let them. Spread kindness.

I am grateful for kindness.


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