Escape to the Berkshires

Want me to clue you in on a little secret?

The best time to visit the Berkshires are after the tourists have gone. After the last summer concerts at Tanglewood… Once the last of the crimson-gold leaves have fallen… Smack-dab in between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Our little Tolkien-esque escape for the weekend

We made our way north to the beautiful Santarella for a two-night stay in what I would describe as paradise. We stayed in the Silo Suite, a romantic and formerly grain silo, brought back to life by the amazing care-takers who painstakingly remastered with a new foundation, electricity, and plumbing 10 years ago. Now it stands as a Tolkien-esque romantic getaway.


The beautiful grounds of Santarella.

So, if you travel to the Berkshires (which, you all must!) please do yourselves a favor and stay at one of the three unique dwellings at Santarella. You’ll thank me later šŸ™‚


Hanging out with the locals on a Saturday afternoon hike


Santarella Grounds from the Street (you can stay in the 1790’s red farmhouse too!)


View overlooking Tyringham Valley


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