A few weeks ago I visited my brother and sister-in-law down in San Antonio, TX for a much-needed long weekend away from the hot mess of a city New York is. I was SO looking forward to bringing my camera around on our daily adventures throughout the city and country, but was pleasantly surprised that my favorite photographic subject was right under my nose.

Meet Mittens. The. Cutest. Little. Kitten. Ever.


I was posting a couple instagram photos here and there during my stay with many requests for more, so I’m taking the opportunity now to share my top favorites with you. And who doesn’t like a good post on cats, let alone kittens?! I mean, really.



Mittens was what you could call a home-made rescue. After returning from a weekend away, Jenna (sis-in-law) heard cries for help in the yard, but couldn’t see where they were coming from. After spending a good amount of time searching, Jenna finally found a teensy, flea-infested, skin-on-bones kitten curled up in a small niche in their outdoor stone wall. Jenna brought her straight to the Vet, got her poor paw checked out (missing a couple toes, but who needs all of them anyway?), and was quickly on the path to recovery. Lots of love and snuggles helped too.


So by the time I arrived in San Antonio, Mittens was just getting acquainted with big Sis, Willow (calico/tiger) and brother, Squeaks (white/ brown)  – also fellow rescue kitties.


Favorite activities for Mittens include climbing up curtains and maxi dresses, chasing balls, running through the house like a maniac, and napping in the corner seat of the lush sectional, aka the best seat in the house. She knows what’s up.





The next time I make it back to SA, miss Mittens will have grown out of her kitten-ness, so I’m glad I could meet here early on! I have a sneaking suspicion she’ll be a total goof…


Photo tips: For lighting, I kept things natural. I used a f2.8 aperture, a fairly fast shutter speed to catch this zippy rascal, and Fotor to add in the neat contrast effect (highly recommend the tool!).

Enjoy 🙂


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