All in the Family

Ok, ok, I am sure a few of you are starting to see a familiar face or two around here. As my family’s Designated Photographer for all events between birthdays, holidays, and in this case dance recitals, it’s no surprise family members pop up here once in a while : )

Being from a family of four kids with a 15-year age gap between the youngest and oldest, it’s hard to get us all in the same place at once. Not to mention we’re spread out over Boston, NYC, Texas, and Florida.

Growing up, I never thought any of us really looked alike – I have my mum’s nose, dad’s eyes… Amanda & Edwin have my mum’s eyes, etc. People never really did the whole “You all look EXACTLY alike!” thing. Me being the only blonde-hair-blue-eyed member of the brood, I remember proclaiming that I couldn’t possibly be related to my brown-hair-brown-eyed siblings and that I must have been adopted….

Until seeing this photo – taken by my dad, with my camera. Holy Moly do we look alike! The case is closed. I stand corrected!

After 18 years, I finally see the resemblance!

I finally see the resemblance!


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